Elite results for ordinary people

Thursday 14th November

A1) Handstand hold 4 x max
A2) Paused Barbell RDL

B) For time:
Deadlift (60/40)
Push Press

Wednesday 13th November

2 Rounds for time:

50 Burpees
30 American Swings (32/24)
600m Run

50 Wall Balls
10 Turkish Get Ups (24/16)

Tuesday 12th November

A1) Strict Press
3x5 @ 80% of 5RM
A2) Dual Dumbell Bent Over Rows

B) 10 Minute AMRAP
50/30 Calorie Row
75 Wall Balls
100 Double Unders
*Max Bar Muscle Ups remaining time*

Monday 11th November

A1) Paused Back Squat
4x5 @80% of 5RM
A2) 4 x Max Mixed Grip Strict Pull Ups

B) 8 Rounds for time:
6 Push Jerk (60/40)
20/10 Lateral Bar Hops
6 Burpee Pull Ups

Friday 08th November

Crossfit Open Workout

Thursday 07th November

A1) Deadlift
A2) DB Rear Delt Flys

B) 10 Rounds for time:
3 Hang Power Cleans (70/50)
15 Double Unders

Wednesday 06th November

Every 6 Minutes for 5 Rounds:

21/18 Cal Row
15 Down Ups
18 Wall Balls

Tuesday 05th November

A1) Strict Press
A2) Dumbell Walking Lunges

B) 'Gymnastics Basics'
16 Minute EMOM:
1.) 0:40 Hollow Rock to Superman Roll
2.) 2 Wall Walks & 20sec HSHold
3.) 0:40 V Sit Ups
4.) 5 Inch Worms Hands Only

Monday 04th November

A1) Paused Back Squat
A2) 3 x Max Mixed Grip Strict Pull Ups

B) 'Swinging Hell'

For time:
150 American KB Swings (32/24)

* Every break mark a penalty. 100m's for every break to be completed immediately after you finish swings* 

Friday 01st November

Crossfit Open Workout